Happy New Year!!! Ready or Not 2019 Has Arrived


This year I am looking forward to many things including more sessions and some travel but one major goal this year is to connect more. 2018 I didn’t do well sharing my journey and that is all about to change!


My word for 2018 was NEW. In January we moved from Idaho which had been our wonderful home for 13 years and headed out on an adventure to Sourthern California.  We spent the year settling in and exploring our new home. We saw new places, met some amazing new people. I ended the year purchasing my new camera and I found a new appreciation for all the amazing things our Idaho has to offer. Traveling back to do sessions a time or two was also new for me, but it brought me to the realization that I can trust I’ll connect with my clients near and far, which I wasn’t sure how I would do.

This year I want to do more connecting, more projects and more exploring. I think this year my word might be MORE! I think I still need to do some exploring of which word will define 2019 but overall I just want more.


Happy 2019 my friends. I hope this year finds amazing things for you.