Not sure what to Wear? Let me help with Wardrobe

Dressing the Family
~or anyone for your photoshoot~

Dressing everyone for photos is a daunting task. I find that I find something amazing for one of the children, find something to coordinate with my other child, then my husband. THEN there is ME! I find something the right color, but it doesn't fit right, or it is way fancier than their casual outfits, or the prefect dress and they don't have my size, etc. 


There is always one of us who I can't seem to find something for. We are a family of four; 2 boys, 2 girls, so it shouldn't be that hard right, WRONG! It is a challenge.

So, let me help you. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you're out and about preparing for your portraits.

Notice how they coordinate? The pattern in her sweater, he's in both maroon and blue, and little miss Riley has a cream sweater with blue sleeves to tie back to both her brother and sister. 
For this session their Mom and I started with a sweater in her closet and found items for each of them. She only had to shop for his shirt. 

1. Everyone doesn't have to match

           It is so easy to feel that everyone must match, but that isn't the case at all. Coordinate, pick a few colors that work well together, or a solid and a pattern. 

2. Shop at the same store

           Pick a store that has outfits for everyone from newborn to adult. Old Navy is a great example of a store you can shop in for everyone. The collections are all through the store and you can pick colors that coordinate for the whole family. 

3. Accessorize

           If you're having a hard time finding a shirt that is the right color, consider accessories. Jewelry and add a pop of color, so can a scarf. Something in her hair, a hat maybe? Or even shoes! This is a great way to get the look pulled together.

4. Take it with you

           I have been out and grabbed the perfect shirt too many times only to get it home and find out it is NOT the same color, or doesn't look good with those pants. I recommend taking it with you if you're trying to match or coordinate with items you already have. This saves you the hassle of returning.

5. Online

          Online is a great option for choosing outfits and accessories. It is easy to pull up multiple windows, compare, search, etc. I'd suggest making sure you have plenty of time for this though. While Amazon Prime is amazing (I use this all the time) if it isn't the right you'll want time to ship it back and find something else. 

6. Ask ME!

           I am here to help and I want you to arrive at your session feeling good! So, please contact me. We can chat about your vision. Send me snapshots or we can even get together to look at what you have. I am here for you.