What the Heck Am I Really Paying For?

I recently had a client ask "What the heck am I actually paying for?" and it got me thinking. Photography is something that we all can't afford, or maybe don't want to pay for. It is a luxury, yet well worth the money spent, in my opinion. Having those images of your children and the special times throughout your life are well worth the investment.

So what are you paying for?

Time: It may seem like the session wasn't very long, but there is a great deal of time that goes into preparing for your session and editing, putting together a gallery and ordering your images. So, let's break it down.

  • I start with advertising, so you know I'm here.
  • Then, I spend an hour + speaking with you by e-mail, phone or message answering questions and giving you all of the info on a session.
  • Once you've booked I organize the contract, model release, invoice, etc. You know, the paperwork, the real fun stuff : JK
  • Then as your session approaches I contact you and we confirm the time, talk about wardrobe, location or any other changes or special requests you may have.\
  • Then there is the session. Usually an hour or more.
  • And after the session I have hours of organizing, selecting and editing your images.
  • Reviewing the final product, setting up your gallery and delivering it to you.
  • Discussing with you the images you like, the ordering 
  • And finally delivery of your prints, products and digitals.
  • Followed by touching bases with you to ensure you like your images. 

Products: You are paying for the actual prints that I order from a special photographer's only lab. They have high quality prints and I make sure your images are the right quality, size and finishes.

Equipment: My equipment needs to be maintained since it won't last forever even though I'd love it to.

Taxes: It is unfortunately the world we live in. I must charge taxes for what you're receiving.

Talent, Style, & Experience: If you like what you see you're paying for my expertise in the area of photography. The time I have taken to learn, practice and give you the best.

Overall you're paying for a lot. Your experience goes beyond the one to two hour session you may have in front of the camera. I want you, my customers to feel the the investment you're making is well worth the memories you'll have shared in your home.