Excited to Announce...Worth the Wait Project


I am so very excited to officially open up the Worth the Wait Project. As National Adoption Awareness month kicks off I am beginning my project of offering free, yep you heard me, free sessions to those who have gone through infertility or adoption to welcome a new member into their family. You can learn all about the program and sign up by visiting


Our Story

My husband and I spent most of our 20's trying to start a family. First, we figured like most that it'll happen eventually, right? We always hear about those in their late 30's and 40's having trouble conceiving and we were so young, so we tried, and tried, and tried. So, when we finally had a positive pregnancy test we were elated. Only to be crushed a few weeks later when I miscarried. This was the beginning of the rollercoaster of infertility and adoption for us. Eventually decided to go in to find that my fallopian tube was blocked and so they recommended Clomid. Worked, first try only to end in an ectopic which left us with two options. IVF or Adoption. We tried IVF only to have it fail. We had spent most of your 20's hoping for a family only to have one heartbreak and then another. No matter what we did, we were certain we were going to be parents one day. And I began to tell myself "your day will come" as a reminder that one day, who knows when that day will be, but one day I was definitely going to become a mother.

So after much discussion we headed down a different path; adoption. We were filled with excitement and a little scared of the paperwork, of no one choosing us, of what to expect, of the expense, and so much more.. There were so many questions and so many unknowns but something felt right. So as we sat down to learn about adoption from A New Beginning Adoption Agency here in town we were so anxious to know all we could. I found myself headed toward motherhood like I had never been before. I had let go of society telling me how easy it is to become a parent and we all have that right/gift as women and grieved the loss of my babies and could see a baby in my arms calling me mom. Biology didn't matter, loving this sweet baby did.

So, after ups and downs, a lot of education, trust and love we welcomed our daughter in 2012. And then our son in 2016. 

Now you know that I know firsthand the expense and emotions that come with infertility and adoption. It is a huge cost but I also know the love, determination and hope that is poured into the decisions we make. So, please, share this with your family and friends who may be walking a similar path to parenthood. I want to give them the gift of photography.