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Not sure which package is right for you?
Please contact me so we can discuss what you're wanting and I can help guide you to the right collection.

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What to Expect

You're ready to book your session, what's next?


Please watch your e-mail for a contract, model release and invoice for the package you've chosen. Please fill out and return these items via e-mail as soon as possible. Your session date and time will not be confirmed until I receive these items.

Pre-session consultation

There is a lot that goes into the planning of a session. When thinking of your session consider an overall look that will go with the location you have chosen. I am here to assist you in anyway I can. So if you need help with your wardrobe or choosing a location I am here to help. When planning your session we will discuss the general idea of what you are looking for. We will talk about who will be a part of the session, what you will be wearing and if I can bring props to assist in the staging of the session.


Sessions are scheduled for an hour. Mini sessions for 30 minutes. There is a little leeway in the timing allowing for the needs of the children specifically. When we first arrive we will discuss a general idea of where we'd like to go and then start taking pictures. Remember this session is easy going so if we need a quick break, not a problem.

If forms and payment have not been completed before the session we will do them before leaving.

After your session

Processing takes roughly 2 weeks. Why? I take the time to go through each image and remove any ones that are not of high quality (closed eyes, funny faces, etc.) and edit them so you receive beautiful artwork. This just takes time. If there is a need for a rush there will be an additional fee of $75.00. Please just let me know.

Your images will be put into an online gallery for your personal viewing.  When the gallery is ready you will receive an e-mail with a password and link to the gallery as well as a code for the package you've already purchased. Please use this gallery for sharing with family and friends, on social media and to choose your favorites. You can order additional prints and products directly from the gallery.

Please note that your prints and products will not be provided until paid in full. If a payment arrangement is in place your items will be delivered after your final payment.

As a photographer I want to give my clients 110%. So, please expect that correspondence will be returned during office hours. If I am able I will return calls and e-mails outside of office hours. 

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What to Wear

COLOR. Color doesn’t scare me! So add a pop of color here and there. It can be bright and bold or soft and subtle but color is a wonderful thing.  A great way to do this is to accessorize.

ACCESSORIES. What a wonderful way to add some color, just make sure that you choose accessories that compliment and not clash. That is where coordination is important.

COORDINATING. When choosing each element of the outfit it is important that each piece coordinates and compliments one another and doesn’t clash. This is something to consider when you are thinking of each particular outfit, as well as each person within the photograph.

If you are ever uncertain of your choices - just ask, I am here to help.

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Referral Rewards

The greatest compliment to me is your referral!

Receive $50.00 referral credit
for each client you refer who books a paid photography session.

At time of referral booking a gift certificate will be sent to you and
can be redeemed at your convenience as referral credits do not expire.

My business grows each year thanks to your referrals and I thank you!

Learn more about the program &
don't let your friends forget to mention your name when booking.

*please note: I don’t keep track of certificates so if lost cannot be resent.


$50.00 referral credit for each paid photography session. Gift Certificate will be sent to you to be used at your convenience. Referral credits do not expire. I do not keep record so please keep track of your certificates.


I love to work with like-minded businesses. If you know of a business who would like a display please have them contact me. I donate the displays and offer a $100.00 referral credit to the person who refers the business as well as a free session to the business owner who allows me to hang a display in their business.